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DA Ladies BINGO Mystery Box


DA Ladies BINGO Mystery Box
Hope you find this box filled with love and joy! All brand new images! This box will feature 5 cabs.  You are in control of this Mystery Box as far as you will choose 4 BINGO numbers and of course you will get the FREE cab from the Free Space.  The BINGO numbers coordinate with my Master List of Cabs and images.  The BINGO card is numbered 1-25. Each number represents a cabochon that is all set.
The Master List will be shown to all after the Mystery Boxes have been delivered.  Have fun and Choose wisely this box could be worth well over $80.

The Cabs with images will be on any of the following….
30 x 40mm porcelain cameo
1.5 inch Matte
1.5 inch Resin
2 inch Round Porcelain
2 inch Square Porcelain
1.25" x 3" Large Oval
35 x 55mm Resin Medium Oval
1.2" x 1.5" resin
  • When ordering please don't order other items to add to the Mystery Box.
  • Coupons excluded on the Mystery Boxes 
  • Shipping on or before the week of July 17, 2023
  • Each box is 6”x4"x3"  and filled with Painted Lady surprises. 
  • Supplies are limited.  
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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