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Flushable Moments #2

I am often asked

"Why do your Painted Ladies look so sad"?


I'm not a mind reader ask them yourself!


Another Flushable Moment!


Flushable Moments #1

So you run into an old Friend#1 and you comment

"Girl you look fantastic".  Friend says "Oh thank you!".  You say "What is your secret?" Friend says "I have changed my diet and have been working out a lot.  Thanks for noticing!  Let's do lunch soon, bye". 

You go home and look in the mirror totally frustrated with yourself.  You are the same age as friend #1 and yet you look older and not as toned. You think, I work out and thought I eat a good diet.  Now you are depressed. 

Few weeks later you run into friend #2.  You say, "Girl how are you doing?" Friend #2 says "Great!  I ran into Friend #1 last week and she looks great after having a Facelift, Lyposuction and a Tummy Tuck!"

That's a Flushable Moment!


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